You’re a biz owner with a vision

But you know you can’t do it alone

You’re a brilliant and busy business owner with a big vision and you’re ready to take this amazing thing you’ve built to the next level

You’re looking for a team with vision and heart as big as yours to take what you’ve built and optimize it.

Hi, We’re Sara & Brent!

Content & Marketing Strategists

We wear a lot of hats. Content strategists, business consultants, filmmakers, copywriters, marketers, influencers… but our official titles and accolades aren’t what really matters.

And that’s where it gets really fun for you!  Because we’ve learned that it takes three things to create a truly incredible marketing system:

✓ High level, big picture marketing & funnel strategy {Vision}

✓ Day to day implementation & optimization {Doing}

✓ A team of experts to support the objectives {Support}


Let’s cut right to the chase, shall we?  We help small and mid-sized businesses build deliberate, intentional marketing strategies to grow their brand without all the fluff.

The Dashboard Difference

Your digital marketing secret weapon

At Dashboard Living we do things differently, way differently…and that’s our secret sauce (and your advantage)!  We operate as an extension of YOUR team and we treat your business like it’s our own.

Our commitment to your success is unparalleled.

We know that without the right kind of support, building a business can be a long, messy road.  We also know that YOUR business is unlike any other and a cookie-cutter approach won’t work (Plus, you deserve better).  That’s why we’re here.

A customized approach, a roadmap, a cheerleader – who also knows how to dish out tough love when needed – and the right tools will transform your business in ways you never imagined.

Your business is unique – and you deserve a customized approach.

We are not a cookie-cutter agency. Full stop.

But what do you do?

Fair question.  Here it is, in a nutshell

While it’s our job to communicate the magic that is your brand, we don’t rely on magic to make that happen.  We use unique, strategic frameworks to make data driven decisions to help you grow, scale and amplify your brilliance!

It breaks down into 4 key pieces:


Strategy Everything has changed and brands that don’t evolve won’t be here next year.  Full stop.  You need a rock solid marketing foundation that includes intimately knowing your ideal customer so well they think “OMG, how are you in my head?” and messaging and positioning that makes you stand out from the rest.


Visibility Creating consistent, high-value, strategic content and then knowing what to DO with that content to create a customer journey (with the right touchpoints) to grow an audience of raving fans that makes selling effortless.


Lead Generation Transitioning your audience OFF social media and turning them into qualified leads by creating intentional funnels (aka customer journeys) that you control is critical to the growth of your business.


Conversion (ahem…Sales). That’s the goal, right? It’s the bottom of any good funnel! But it’s not the end – we are ALWAYS optimizing! Marketing is a living, breathing machine that should never be static. That’s why we constantly assess, identify the gaps, and optimize.

Let’s get down to business

Marking always works.  It’s just a matter of When

 A successful marketing plan isn’t based on hopes & dreams or luck.  It’s based on proven frameworks & processes.  When you commit to following that process, you succeed every single time.  Depending on the stage of business you’re in, there are 3 ways we can work together.


Marketing Academy

Our signature marketing program for ambitious business owners that supercharges your path to a highly profitable, custom, easy-to-execute marketing strategy.


Agency Offers

You bring your amazing product or service, and we do the rest. Full management for entrepreneurs who want to focus on their zone of genius and leave the rest to us.


Consulting & Strategy

If you’re done DIYing and ready for custom marketing strategy in record time, 1:1 Strategy Intensives for brand, marketing & sales foundations are where it’s at.